Female Brythunian Thief


Str 13/1 Dex 16/3 Con 10/0 Int 12/1 Wis 15/2 Cha 16/3

Attack: Power +4 Finesse +6
Defence: Dodge 16 (17) Parry 13 Fort 2 Ref 6 Wil 4
Hps 23
Skills (rank/stat/other/) total: Hide (7/3/2/1) 13, Mov Sil (7/3/2/1) 13, Bluff (7/3) 10, Perf:dance (7/3) 10, Profession: Servant (6/2) 8, Climb (7/1) 8, Escape (4/3) 7, Gath Inf (7/3) 10, Disab Dev (7/3) 10, Open Lock (7/3) 10, Search (4/1) 5, Sleight (7/3) 10, Tumble (6/3) 9

Sneak Attack +2d8/2d6, Sneak Attack Style (dagger, sling), Trap Disarming, Light Footed, Fleet Footedx2, Eyes of the Cat, Dodge, Trap Sense, Two Weapon Combat

Brythunian, Zamorian, Aquilonian, Ophirean, Shemitish, Zingaran

2 strips of silk and 2 brooches
Silk hooded cloak
Silk tunic
2 Akbitanean daggers
Sling and 30 bullets
Masterwork Thieves tools


Caitlin was born in southern Brythunia, the daughter of a gentleman farmer. Always a farmer in the eyes of gentlemen, he was still no longer in a position where he had to work his land himself, and his daughter grew up in comfort, if not luxury. Since she was not required even to supervise the maids (her mother’s job) she also grew up bored.

She got into a series of escapades as she reached her teens, and was the despair of her strait laced mother. She also had a tendency to fall in with unsuitable young men, to the fury of her father. The last of several such was a handsome Kothic trader’s son, who introduced her to the joys of Kothic wine. So enthusiastic was she for this discovery that she drank herself into a stupor… and woke up with a pounding headache in a slaver’s caravan bound for Khorshemish.

After basic training, she was sold at auction to a wealthy merchant of Ianthe. After initial complaints she had proved docile and obedient, and her new owner quickly became a little casual in his security precautions. She fled northwards over the border into Aquilonia, where she was confronted with the need to make her own living. She graduated into a mixture of dancing and petty thievery, and then less-petty thievery as her skills grew. Once the region became a little hot for her, she moved southwards into Zingara.

All was going well until one night when her informer at a local inn let her know of a Zingaran noble staying overnight with ample cash in hand. Letting herself in at the dead of night she deftly picked the lock of his strongbox, and was just transferring his cash to her sack, when she felt an uncomfortable pricking sensation in the middle of her back. Turning around slowly with her hands in full view, she found herself looking down the length of a rapier at a most impressive moustache…

The following negotiation was slightly one sided and involved use of all the charms she could muster. Shameless flattery seemed to work well, and the interview concluded that in exchange for neither returning to servitude under a much more alert master, nor being turned in for theivery she would swear undying loyalty to the noble in question and use her skills and talents unstintingly in his service. She has been in his entourage ever since.


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