Lord Estavio Devante

Charming noble, dashing swordsman, conqueror of women, lover of wine and the bearer of the finest moustache in all of Hyborea!


Strength: 14 (+2)

Dexterity: 11 (+0)

Constitution: 10 (+0)

Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Wisdom: 10 (+0)

Charisma: 16 (+3)

XP: 250

Hitpoints: 8

BAB: +0

Init: +0

Attacks (BAB/ability mod/racial mod/feats):

Broadsword: +4 (+0/+2/+1/+1) [1d10+2 19/20×2] – Armor Piercing 5 (+3 for Broadsword and +2 for Strength)
Poniard: +2 [1d6+2 19/20×2] – Armor Piercing 3 (+1 for Poniard and +2 for Strength)

Defenses (base/ability mod/gear):

Parry: 15 (+0/+2/+3 for Targe)
Dodge: 10 or 13 vs. missile weapons (+0/+0/+3 for Targe)

Armor: Scale Corselet (5 DR) and Steel Cap (1 DR)
Damage Reduction: 6

Saves (base/mod):

Fortitude +0 (+0/+0)
Reflex +1 (+0/+1)
Will +2 (+2/+0)


Weapon Focus: Broadsword

Skills (ranks/ability modifier/racial):

Starting skill points = 20 (+2 ranks in Bluff, Balance, Knowledge (local) and Use Rope due to background skills) plus 8 educational skill points spent on knowledge skills

Skill points per level = 4+int modifier, plus 2 educational skill points.

Balance +3 (2/0/1)
Bluff +6 (3/3/0)
Diplomacy +6 (4/3/-1)
Gather Information +7 (4/3/0)
Intimidate +6 (3/3/0)
Knowledge (local) +3 (2/1/0)
Knowledge (nobility) +3 (2/1/0)
Knowledge (history) +3 (2/1/0)
Knowledge (rumours) +3 (2/1/0)
Knowledge (warfare) +2 (1/1/0)
Perform (sing) +5 (2/3/0)
Profession (sailor) +1 (0/0/1)
Sense Motive +5 (4/0/1)
Ride +3 (3/0/0)
Use Rope +3 (2/0/1)

Fate Points: 1


Starting Silver = 800sp (200sp+200sp per modifier of Charisma) with 203sp remaining.

Weapons and Armor:
Scale Corselet (medium armor)
Leather Jerkin (for sleeping)
Steel Cap
Broadsword (AP 3)
Poniard (AP 1)

Riding Boots, Work Boots, Knight’s Belt, Doublet, Noble’s Quality Cloak bearing the crest of House Devante, Silk Breeks, Sandals, 10 pairs of Shirt and Braes, two pairs of winter clothes; Robe, Sandals, Dress, 2 shifts and a slave collar for Gabriella

Labour and Equipment
Sir Salvador (Riding Horse from the Devante stables), Bit and Bridle, Saddle, 4 Saddle Packs and 10 days of horse feed
Gabriella (Female beautiful slave)
Tent, 2 Bedrolls, Flint and Steel, 3 ounces of ink, 2 quills, 10 sheets of parchment and case, candle lantern and 10 candles, small steel mirror, sewing needle, 2 lbs of soap, 4 gallons of wine, 20 days of rations and 2 pewter mugs.


Zingaran, Aquilonian, Shemitish, Ophirean, Brythunian

Zingaran Racial Bonuses:

-1 racial penalty to Diplomacy
+1 racial bonus to Sense Motive
+1 racial bonus to Profession (sailor), Balance and Use Rope
+1 racial bonus to attacks with the Arming Sword and Broadsword
Sneak Attack +1d6
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Arming Sword and Greatsword


His armor and garments were rich and ornate after the fashion of a Zingaran grandee.”—Robert E. Howard: “The Pool of the Black One

Lord Estavio Devante (Ess-Tav-Yo, Day-Vahn-Tay) is the youngest son of Baron Giancarlo Di Castro Devante, of the House Devante, which is one of many noble Houses in the royal court of Kordava, the capital of Zingara. Estavio spent his early years as any young Zingaran noble would: learning etiquette, proceedings of the royal court, riding, sailing and attending one of the fine martial academies of swordsmanship that dot Kordava like jewels on a fine Zamorian dancing girl’s silk shift. Although he excelled at his tasks, he forever lived under the shadow of Eduardo Devante, his elder brother and direct heir to the House. Eduardo and Estavio were not friends, though few noble siblings ever are, and although their various tasks commonly kept them apart, Estavio could not stand his brother’s presence. Eduardo, much like his father, was a fool. He bumbled through his education, commonly injured himself during arms training and embarrassed himself constantly in front of maidens. However, since he was the first born, he was entitled to everything. Moreover, because his father was an imbecile himself, he failed to see the faults in Eduardo.

As time went by, it became clearer and clearer to Estavio that his possibilities of inheriting House Devante through legitimate means was not likely. Eduardo received the majority of the allowances, was introduced and paired with the daughters of various noble Houses and was privy to all of his father’s ‘negotiations’ and ‘political schemes`. To make matters worse, his clod of a father had slowly begun to deal both politically and economically with a House in the hated neighbouring state of Argos. Predicting catastrophic failure or even collapse of his House, Estavio left his family home and took up residence in the various fine inns of Kordava. This pleased the Baron, for he felt that Estavio’s ambition would hamper the success of his elder brother, and Giancarlo was more than happy to continue to pay Estavio’s allowance if he promised to stay out of the way.

Estavio’s years alone in Kordava were some of the happiest of his life. As a lover of reading, he found that he had plenty of time to explore the literary works of Zingara and he educated himself on topics including history, heraldry and warfare. He also excelled at swordsmanship and spent the majority of his mornings drilling at the various academies with the noble-class Zingaran Knights. In the evenings he would relax at his ever-changing Inn-homes and sometimes would sing in the tap rooms for his entertainment and to attract a suitable bed-partner for the evening. It was in these days that he learned of ‘his’ taste for freedom, (though he extended no such courtesy to his owned beautiful slaves), for carefree relationships, with his taste for expensive wine and food and ultimately, for his desire to escape from Zingara and to make a name for himself. The fact that his father was slowly tarnishing the name of his House and that his oaf of a brother would only serve to continue the lineage of idiocy always hung over Estavio’s head. He knew that he would have to venture out into the world to seek riches, reputation and fame, and to lead a band of followers back to Zingara to help him retake his house and to cut the throats of his moronic family.

After a few months of procrastinating, fate finally decided to give Estavio the sign that it was time to head out on his adventure. One night, after a particularly rowdy evening of wine, fine Zingaran olives and a few passionate hours in the chamber of some traveling Brythunian merchant’s ravishing daughter, Estavio stumbled into his room only to find another woman rifling through his belongings. Outraged that a criminal, gorgeous as she was, could climb in through the window and pick through his precious things, Estavio drew his sword and pressed it against her shapely lower back. After much apologizing and shameless flirting on behalf of the thief, in which she revealed to Estavio that she was an escaped slave, a devious and brilliant idea came to the young noble’s mind. Staying his blade, Estavio offered the young woman a deal: she could either swear allegiance to him and join him on his adventure, or she could be taken into captivity and returned to her rightful owner in chains. It was no surprise to Estavio that the young thief, who went by the name of Caitlin, accepted the arrangement. Thus, after a few days of securing supplies, the two headed off towards adventure.

Physical Description: Estavio stands about 5’10 and is slim but toned from years of swordsmanship. His skin is deeply sun-tanned from life in Zingara and the shape of his eyes display the common Pictish traits that are so common in Zingarans. His eyes are a dark green and he wears his black hair well-trimmed and in the style of a Zingaran noble. His moustache is always well-manicured and commonly greased with fragrant oils.

Lord Estavio Devante

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