Powerful warrior and survivor


3rd lvl Barbarian
Experience: 4050


Str 15 (+2)
Dex 14 (+2)
Con 15 (+2)
Int 11 (0)
Wis 12 (+1)
Cha 8 (-1)

Hit points: 34/34

Fate points: 3

Reputation: 1

Initiative bonus (+5)

Attack bonuses

Melee +5
Ranged +5


Dodge 14
Parry 13

Saving throws

Fortitude (+5)
Reflex (+5)
Will (+3)


Skill points:
1st lvl – 16 standard, 8 educational
2nd lvl – 4 (left: 2) standard, 2 (left: 2) educational
3rd lvl – 4 (left: 4, total: 6) standard, 2 (left: 2, total: 4) educational

Skill listing SKILL LEVEL (ranks/attribute modifier/racial bonus/feat bonus)
Balance 3 (1/2/0/0), Climb 6 (2/2/2/0), Craft – Herbalism 1 (1/0/0/0), Craft – Wood-carving 2 (2/0/0/0), Heal 4 (1/1/2), Hide 4 (2/2/0/0), Intimidate 0 (1/-1/0/0), Jump 3 (1/2/0/0), Knowledge – Local(Cimmeria) 2 (2/0/0/0), Knowledge – Nature 2 (2/0/0/0), Listen 3 (2/1/0/0), Move Silently 4 (2/2/0/0), Perform – Storytelling 1 (2/-1/0/0), Profession – Cattle herding 2 (1/1/0/0), Profession – Cooking 2 (1/1/0/0), Profession – Shed constructing 2 (1/1/0/0), Ride 3 (1/2/0/0), Spot 3 (2/1/0/0), Survival 6 (3/1/0/2), Swim 4 (2/2/0/0), Use Rope 3 (1/2/0/0)


Diehard (when reduced to negative hit points you automaticaly become stable – more in text)
Endurance (+4 bonus to all checks and saves concerning exhaustion and non-lethal damage)
Power Attack (trade parts of melee attack rolls for bonuses to melee damage rolls)
Self-Sufficient (+2 bonus to Heal and Survival checks)


Aquilonian, Brythunian, Cimmerian, Hyperborean, Nordheimr

Racial bonuses and penalties (w/o given earlier)

+2 circumstance bonus to all Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Survival and Spot checks made in temperate or cold hills and mountains
–2 racial penalty to all Diplomacy checks and verbal-based Bluff checks; does not apply to Bluff checks based on body language

Class features (w/o given earlier)

Weapon proficiency: all simple and martial weapons
Armor and shields proficiency: light and medium
(F) Bite Sword (can take any light weapon or 1-handed slashing weapon in his mouth (free action) and carry it so for 3+Strenght modifier rounds, then take it back into a hand (free action))
(F) Crimson Mist (once a day, at successful Will save, the character uses the Fighting-Madness feat)
(F) Fearless (+2 to Will saves against fear)
(F) Toughness (bonus hit points)
(F) Track
(F) Trap Sense +1
(F) Two-Weapon Combat
(F) Versatility-2 (penalty for weapons w/o proficience in: -2)





0 sp


He was born into the Raeda clan many years ago. He learned his father’s trade, hunting, excelling in every way. Until that fateful day, when scaly monsters came down from Ben Morgh, bringing death and destruction. Being out hunting with his father, he survived, though his junior brother had been killed mercilessly and his mother and sisters captured.

Soon after that, the Bloody Spears were sent out and Cimmerian clans united against the unnnatural menace. The day of the battle was the day of trial for the boy in his early teens. He fought bravely with the Vanir and even managed to kill a red-haired warrior by himself. Before there was time to celebrate the victory, the blasphemous demons came out.

The very sight of the ungodly creatures was too much to bear for young Cael. He run away from the battlefield, seeking refuge in unaccessible mountains. He never came back to his people, knowing that he would be declared a coward and cast away from his clan. Next several years he spent out there, having to deal with the harshness of life all by himself.

In time, however, he began to seek company of others. While still avoiding contact with his own people, he traveled across the country with the Aesir, fighting alongside them against the Hyperboreans. He also served as a guide to several Aquilonian travelers in the southern Cimmeria.

Through his contacts with foreigners a new desire arose inside him. He decided to travel farther than anytime before.

His travels brought him to Brythunia recently. As on many other occasions he came to a wrong place at the worst possible time. A small force of riders caught him in an open space. He tried to make it to the nearby forest but had no real chance to succeed. Surrounded just tens of yards from the trees, he stood his ground. Doomed to die, he was saved by a surprise shot hit the enemy leader. Several other bullets sowed a moment’s confusion among the riders. Soon after though they gathered their wits and were prepared to run Cael over and then hunt down the hidden assailant. The barbarian’s hide was saved by an unexpected appearance of a squadron of knights saved. It must have been another noble’s men, judging by a different coat of arms. The newcomers chased away the initial attackers, most probably in just one of many fights over some local border conflict. Cael did not wait to know the outcome. He fled towards the trees.

There, he met his would-be rescuer, Kareus, a man of serious but friendly look. The two of them soon decided they have a better chance of survival together than they do on their own…


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