It was an empire which included lands of southern Nemedia and Brythunia, most of Corinthia, most of Ophir, western Koth and the western lands of Shem, northern Argos, and eastern Aquilonia. edit History and politics

It had been destroyed by the tribes of Nemedians, Aquilonians, and Argosseans.

The older kingdoms of Ophir, Corinthia and western Koth were subject to Acheron and regained their independence with its fall.

The descendants of the people of Acheron are more plentiful than people suppose, dwelling in the fastness of the hills, in communities in the great cities, and scattered as priests, menials, secretaries, and scribes.

Population and culture

It was inhabited by Hyborians more highly civilized than their neighbors to the east and the west.

The wizards of Acheron practised foul necromancy, thaumaturgy of the most evil kind, grisly magic taught them by devils. Many a barbarian, both man and woman, died screaming on the altar. Their heads were piled to make a pyramid in the great square in Python, the capital city, when the kings returned from the west with their spoils and naked captives.

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