Aquilonia is known for its fertile cropland and many forests. Multiple rivers that run directly through it make it a perfect land for civilisation, and the kingdom was powerful throughout the ages.


Aquilonia is a western kingdom that is bordered by Zingara to the southwest, the Pictish Wilderness to the west, Cimmeria to the north, Border Kingdom to the northeast, Nemedia to the east, Ophir and Argos to the south.


The province of Bossonian Marches lies between Black River and Thunder River, and is covered by thick vegetation. This highly sought after land is constantly at stake between Aquilonia and the wild tribes of the Pictish Wilderness.

Westermarck is to the east of the Thunder River. This land is home to many frontier settlements and is the destination of many adventurers looking for an exciting journey into the western lands.

Poitain, which lies to the south, is a rich province known for its fierce loyalty and military strength. Poitain is dotted with rich meadowlands, rolling plains, rose gardens, and orange groves.

Gunderland, to the north, is a hilly region known for its wild inhabitants, and is seperated from the rest of Aquilonia by woodlands that teem with wildlife.

Tauran lies to the west of the Skirki River, and is a land of open groves and pastures whose people dwell in thatched cottages and hunt wildlife.


To the west, the Black River and the Thunder River run parallel and seperate Aquilonia from the wildlands of the Pictish Wilderness. The Bossonian Marches lie directly east of these rivers. The Shirki River runs from the northeast, in a southwest direction, until it meets with the Thunder River in the southwest region of Aquilonia. The Khorotas River lies east of the Shirki River, and runs relatively parallel to it. Tarantia, the capital of Aquilonia, lies on the Khorotas River. The Red River marks the southeast border, seperating Aquilonia from Ophir.


There are few mountains in Aquilonia. Mt. Golamira being the notable exception, which lies in the Border Range, which seperates Aquilonia from Nemedia. The Rabirian Mountains seperate Aquilonia from Zingara. edit History and politics

Aquilonia is a monarchy, with the different provinces offering fealty to the king. King Numedides was a tyrant who was controlled by the sorcerer Thulandra Thuu. Little is known about this king and his rule, but Conan ultimately decided to overthrow him, and with the help of some allies (Count Trocero, Prospero, Dexitheus, and Publius), he marched on Tarantia and eventually killed King Numedides.

Conan’s reign was rife with trouble, and his rule was challenged twice. The first by a set of five rebels who despised Conan as a lowly barbarian. Ironically, it was Thoth-Amon, Conan’s old nemesis, who helps him destroy this plot. A few years later, another attempt was made by a group of quartet of schemers who had summoned Xaltotun, an ancient sorcerer of Acheron. This time, the schemers actually managed to dethrone Conan, if not for a short while. Conan regained his crown when he defeated Xaltotun with the help of the very same jewel that was used to summon him.

Aquilonia has a long history of border raids and wars with the neighbouring Nemedia. Although Aquilonia is larger, richer, and militarily more powerful, they have never been able to conquer Nemedia completely. There have even been times when Nemedia was greater than Aquilonia. edit Population and culture

Aquilonia is inspired by medieval France. Its people are mainly of Hyborian stock. Some of the provinces have distinct cultures and peoples of their own, such as the Bossonian Marches, Gunderland, and Poitain.

Aquilonian smiths make some of the finest plate armour and helms in all the world. Their knights are truly a powerful force with this armour.

Aquilonia is one of the few countries to mint gold coins. These coins, sometimes called lunas, are valued around the world.

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