Chapter 1: Jacob's Well

Cursing Farid for the scoundrel he is and gritting their teeth against the bitter cold, the party leans into Bor’s icy breath and makes one final push as the tell-tale smoke rises in the distance. Jacob’s Well may be a cursed hole, but it’s a warm cursed hole.

Not only were you unable to find Igrid’s tomb and the riches it supposedly contains, but the map that cost 25 hard luna was lost when Jarek fell through the ice. He may have been a dirty and foul Shemite, but he could hold his own in a fight and had a nose for bullshit that will be missed; nearly as much as the map he held.

Paying Jacob’s silver per head entry toll, you meet the guard’s judging gaze squarly as the gates close behind you. If he know’s what’s good for him, he won’t push it any farther than the foul look that marrs his already ugly face. Nothing more than an inn, a stable, and a barracks behind a stout wall, Jacob’s Well is nonetheless a welcome sliver of civilization in this wild land; civilization being used very loosely of course.

Even now Farid is probably losing your gold at dice with a young doxy in his lap. It is good for him that he is far from the reach of your steel, though you admit it is probably good for you as well as he’s always been a convenience when it comes time to sell your take. Stepping into the inn you are greeted by the warmth of the hearth and the welcome sounds of men uninhibited by civilization’s chains. It’s funny how a few leagues between a man and his “lord” changes him.

Estavio takes in the inn and sneers, “Yet another wonder of the Brythunian civilization. Does it ever get warm in this frigid cesspool?” Kicking the slush, removing his ermine-lined cloak and baring his finely made armor and blades to the fellow patrons.

The nobleman’s companion, Cael, takes off his heavy cloak as well; making sure the toughest patrons of the inn notice the several feet of steel he’s got with him in case someone thought that he or his fellows might be overburdened by silver they’re carrying. His keen eyes soon find the companions a table in the corner.

Chapter 1: Jacob's Well

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