Core Rules Races

The following changes are made to all races from the Conan Rulebook.

  • Racial ability bonuses cannot raise an ability over 18. Some cultures favor certain abilities over others, but all races share the same maximum human potential.
  • Players choose whether or not their characters have racial ability modifiers and this choice can be made after rolling attributes. The only exception to this rule is pygmy characters, as their small size does not allow for high strength scores.

Changes to Core Rules races

  • Cimmerians: Do not lose racial abilities by worshipping a diety other than Crom.
  • Hyperboreans: Hyperboreans are now a distinct race, rather than a sub race.

New Character Races


  • +2 Charisma/-2 Strength
  • +2 racial bonus to craft (alchemy), knowledge (arcana), and knowledge (demons)
  • +1 to all magic attack rolls when using curses
  • -2 racial penalty to resist corruption
  • Background Skills: Craft (alchemy),knowledge (arcana), and knowledge (demons)
  • Favored Class: Scholar
  • Prohibited Classes: Barbarian, Noble, Nomad, Pirate
  • Automatic Languages: Acheronian, region of birth
  • Bonus Languages: Demonic, Old Stygian, plus as region of birth






The Vanir are a distinct race apart from the Aesir. While they share common blood, their lifestyles are far different.
  • Culture: The Vanir are ruled by male chieftans nominally, but all know the true power lies with the witches. While chief’s are chosen through ritual combat, the witches can declare any man unfit to rule at any time. Chiefs rule for life, the only way a clan chief can leave office is through death or removal by the witches. Once a chief is removed, he has one day to leave tribal lands or be hunted down like an animal.
  • Names: Vanir tend to favor Germanic names over Scandanavian, though this is only a loose rule.
  • Religion: Like the Aesir, the Vanir venerate Ymir over all other gods. However the witches venerate Atali, making her nearly as prominent as her father. Racial Features:
  • +2 Strength/-2 Dexterity
  • +2 bonus to Seamanship and Navigation checks. The Vanir are among the world’s greatest seamen, and many say they have visited lands accross the Western Ocean.
  • +1 Racial bonus to damage rolls with axes.
  • Martial Weapon Proficiency: Battle Axe. All Vanir men are adept with the war axe.
  • Weapon Familiarity: War Axe. Vanir can wield war axes as if they were martial weapons rather than exotic.


  • +2 Dexterity/-2 Constitution


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