House Rules

Character Creation

Character Attributes

  • Distribute 25 points as per the CRPG.
  • Roll 3d6 against each attribute, keeping the higher of the two results.
  • Add racial modifiers, racial modifiers cannot raise a result above 18.
  • The player may choose not to use racial modifiers to abilities after the roll.

Character Races

  • Racial attribute bonuses cannot raise an ability over 18.
  • The player may decide whether or not to use attribute modifiers AFTER he rolls the dice.
  • Acheronians, Hyperborians, Iranistani, Pygmies, Saami, and Vanir added to race list. Check character races page for details.
  • Cimmerians lose requirement to worship Crom. They may freely worship any deity without losing their racial bonuses.
  • Nordheimer racial abilities apply only to Aesir, not Vanir.

Character Classes

  • All classes from the CRPG are available.

Character Skills

  • Characters gain 2 extra skill points per level, 8 at first level. These points must be used for skill from the following list: Craft, Handle Animal, Knowledge, Perform, Profession.
  • Perform is broken into specialized skills as per the article.
  • Most skills can be used as profession in the right situation. If you spend down time as a guide, for example, a survival skill check could provide compensation as per the profession skill.


  • E6 characters gain one feat per level, instead of one every 3.
  • Characters may sacrifice feats to gestalt. First one feat must be used to gain access to any one class. At this point the character has no levels in that class. Each feat used after the first grants the character one level of the gestalt class. Under no circumstances may a character’s gestalt level exceed his character level, and only one class may ever be above level 4.

House Rules

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